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Your Hearing Healthcare experience


What to expect once you contact us.


Initial appointment

At your initial appointment we will discuss your hearing needs, observations about your hearing and goals for the future. If you hold an Office of Hearing Services Voucher or GP letter that you are eligible for hearing services this must be discussed at your initial appointment.


A full diagnostic hearing assessment may be conducted when you are comfortable.  Often it is a good idea to attend this appointment with a family member or close friend.


A discussion about hearing aids - the different types and technology may occur and how to meet your needs.


Hearing aid fitting

Your second appointment may be your hearing aid fitting. This appointment is approximately an hour long and will involve the hearing aid being professionally fitted to worlds best practice. The hearing aids are then adjusted with your hearing goals in mind.  


You will be given a personalised hearing aid listening program to follow until your review appointment 2 weeks later. You will be asked to keep a diary of your experience to help Dr. Glance fine tune your hearing aids if required at the next appointment.


All of your questions relating to the hearing aids, their use and management will be answered at a pace that you can follow. Your hearing aids are paid for at the conclusion of this appointment and your 45 day risk free trial begins.



Your review appointment is the time that your observations are discussed and minor adjustments made to the hearing aid settings.  It is quite common for minor adjustments to be made. 


Something to consider:

  • Larger hearing losses require more time to adjust to the having normal hearing again. Afterall it may have been many years since you heard at 'normal' levels.  

  • A positive attitude and commitment to follow the hearing aid listening program will achieve a good result.

  • Hearing well means your friends and relatives also benefit from your improved hearing as they may not have to repeat themselves.


Subsequent appointments

I am happy for you to contact me as you need. You have the reassurance that the support you require is made available. Using the supports in place we will ensure you are confident to make hearing aid use a part of your daily habit.