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How we care for you
Hearing Healthcare is here to assist you. We provide excellent care and availability to help you - 7 days a week, evenings & weekends.
At Hearing Healthcare I provide these medical services with you or your relative at home or at our clinic:
  • Full diagnostic hearing assessments

  • Medical reporting to doctors

  • Pension clients - Office of Hearing Services voucher holders may receive all hearing services and high quality hearing aids at no cost

  • Paediatric hearing assessment (age 5+)

  • Hearing aid fitting - training, support and management

  • Ear wax management (removal)

  • Hearing protection and sleep (noise) ear plugs

  • Tinnitus management

  • Client and family counselling (aural rehabilitation)

  • Hearing screenings for organisations & staff training

  • Hearing aid repairs and maintenance

  • Supply of hearing aid batteries & hearing aid parts

  • Ongoing support for hearing aids and hearing testing


Hearing Healthcare recommend that you read the Consumer File below. We will always leave you satisfied and supported.